Worksheets are Forms

Dennis Daniels is a teacher who believes teachers should stop pushing papers and start using web forms instead. He produced couple of training screencasts for teachers showing how to use JotForm. In these movies he creates questionnaires for students and shows how to collect data.

When technology becomes easier, everybody starts using it. A good example to this is the blogs. It is now very easy to have a blog. If you can manage sending and receiving emails, you can probably manage a blog as well. With services like JotForm, anyone can now create forms and collect data over the web. You don’t need to know HTML. You don’t even need a web site. If you have blog or email, you can create surveys or feedback forms and just post a link.

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  1. Jeff Magee says:

    Interesting application! This definately presents yet another solid target market for the product. I am very excited to see how it all plays out when it is brought to market.

  2. Very clean, intuitive UI — congratulations.

    For more on AJAXian and other form builders/processors, check out

  3. Sandy says:

    Think about how many trees can be saved if we use “e-paper”, indeed is a great idea, but I think to get it in practice more than this is needed, a complete framework to prevent fraud and other things

    Anyway great idea!

  4. Lan omori says:


    Excellent and interesting site!

    I have made email enable, but nothing comes to me. In fact, every time I made e-mail to “yes” and save – it says “saved” but then when I leave the site and come back to check, the mail is set “no”. Something seems to be wrong with it.

    Also the site seems to remember me/my computer (?). I registered 2wice with a little different usernames and passwords – but I get to the same form I created. I did this (registering 2wice) in order to enable the mail from the beginning.

    I was looking for a simple web form action program, and came across to your site. I am a business student and need to do business research and creating questionnaire. You won’t give away the program with much simpler version (semdimg the web from stat and Excel result only to my mail address), will you?



  5. Shep says:


    I thought that your video had some good points. Prehaps if you make a second one with a bit more planning and a few more features (e.g. embeding forms in other pages and customising colour and the thankyou page) you could spread it about the web.

    Hope that helpped.


  6. Look, its hard to find a way to show my appreciation. I am tagging it on the of this discussion, only because I am a teacher. SO I am taking the time to say thanks, I appreciate your work and the small, but noticeable help this facility has to help teachers.

    I will post an ideas on the forum, hope that helps too.

  7. Chris O'Brien says:

    I wonder if this could be implemented a bit better for this purpose by having dropdowns functioning as multiple choices for questions, and Jotform could figure the grade students get based on their answers?
    That would be very wonderful!
    Chris O’Brien

  8. Gertie says:

    YOU ARE AMAZING!! Thank you so much for JotForm. I have been looking for this for a LONG TIME. I started playing around with JotForm thinking it would just solve one of my problems. The more I studied the application, the more problems it solved. Unbelievable!!

    As far as schools go–YES! We use way too much paper in our schools. Students should be blogging instead of journaling, JotForming instead of testing, etc. etc.!!


  9. beijing says:

    i want add a forum and blog
    now my site is asp+access

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