A Park was Named After Terri Tinsley

Terri was a PM Premium user. She passed away in a car accident in 2003. She was a very passionate and warm person. She even once wrote a case study about PM Premium here. Her husband who took over their Wisconsin Dog Rescue site has sent me this announcement…

Hello Family & Friends!

Some of you have already heard through newspaper press releases, but I thought I’d officially tell you about something exciting.

A lot of money was given in honor of my wife, Terri Tinsley, for a memorial to honor her wonderful existence and contribution to this world. There was a general consensus to have a memorial bench place at the Jefferson County Dog Park here in Wisconsin as Terri was involved in getting that park created. The bench was officially placed in the park in December of 2004.

Still, coming up with some sort of memorial on a grander scale needed to be done, but nothing came to mind. I knew eventually an inspiration from “you know who” would eventually come to me. Then it did. I met with the county parks people here in Jefferson County. I told them about Terri and the reason I had contacted them was to donate the memorial money to the dog park fund in her name. They told me about several ideas they had for expanding the dog park and possibly creating a new dog park. They said the dog park is the most used park in the county! I asked that they consider naming some portion of the park or new park in her name.

Well, that time has come. I do not not know all the exact details as to when things will be complete, but I was given official word last month from Joe Nehmer of the Jefferson County Parks:

“As you are probably aware, the dog exercise areas at Bicentennial Park will be expanded in the near future. The portion of the park devoted to dogs will more than double. I am happy to tell you that collectively, the various areas will be named the Terri Tinsley Dog Exercise Area. An appropriate sign will be developed and placed at the main entrance to the park. We will work with you throughout the process to insure the best outcome.

Please accept my thanks on behalf of the many people and dogs that enjoy the Terri Tinsley Dog Exercise Area”

SO, consider this the official announcement that the Terri Tinsley Dog Exercise Area will be her memorial! I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to honor the wonderful person, animal lover , wife, daughter, aunt, and friend she was to all of us. This park expansion will be a joy for humans and dogs alike.

Terri told me the summer before she passed that when she dies she would rather have a bench in her name at a dog park for people to enjoy with their companions. She didn’t want a grave site or head stone. Well, Terri. You now have an entire park to call your own!

Thank you so much for helping this memorial happen! Terri is proud you are her family and friends.

Now, I am sure I have forgotten someone in email or perhaps they don’t have email, so please spread the word to people touched by Terri about this announcement.

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