JotForm 2.0 Released!

I am excited to announce that we have finally released JotForm 2.0. Since its first release more than a year ago, we have been constantly getting great feedback from hundreds of users. It seamed that JotForm really solved a need for webmasters: Creating web forms easily.

JotForm Traffic for the First Year

JotForm user base has been growing with an increasing rate and we now have about 28,000 users. More than 500,000 form submissions has been made and about 100,000 forms have been created. When I developed first version of JotForm, I had no idea it would be this popular. Basically, I developed it for our other product Profile Manager. Releasing it as a separate web based product was an afterthought. It was a lot of fun though. We even have made the final design on a ski trip in Killington, Vermont. We were skiing and snowboarding in the morning, and making the graphics and final design on the afternoon to the night. It was tiring like hell. But we had lots of fun.

JotForm 2.0 wasn’t that easy. My plan was to introduce a paid Premium version. However, I didn’t want to do this the easy way by restricting existing free features. Instead I preferred to develop an improved free version and create additional great features that would be worth paying for. I have been also too much occupied with other projects and customer support, and I couldn’t spend a great deal of time on this. So, the new version has been developed mainly by our talented developer Serkan. He has been very creative. He has come up with a web based Wizard UI that made things much easier for users to perform tasks without leaving the form builder. I don’t think anything like that has been done before. He also has developed a special JavaScript debugger called Tracer that makes JavaScript development easier and faster.

Here is a sample screenshot tour of our new wizard interface. On this sample, we will be creating PayPal Subscriptions integration to our form:

What’s New on JotForm 2.0

Payment Integration:
You can now use JotForm to sell digital goods, sell products, collect payments for your online service, collect subscription payments or receive micropayments for your content. JotForm integrates with PayPal, Google Checkout, WorldPay, 2CheckOut, ClickBank and OneBip payment gateways, so you can collect payments from your users.

Payment Gateway One-time Subscriptions Accepted Currencies
PayPal yes yes 16 Currencies
Google Checkout yes no US Dollars
WorldPay yes no 144 Currencies
2Checkout yes yes US Dollars
ClickBank yes no US Dollars
OneBip yes yes Euro, Sterling

Starter Forms:
You can now save time and choose from many starter forms when you create a new form.

Contact Form Blog Contact/Survey Event Calendar
Document Uploader Satisfaction Survey Time Sheet
Job Application Form RSVP for a Party or Wedding Bug Tracker
Reservation Form    

You can now make great looking form by applying CSS styles to your form.

Form Validations:
You can now check if a form field is a proper E-mail, Alphanumeric, Numeric, Aphabetic.

Spam Protection:
Each form now has seamless spam checks. JotForm can check if the form is submitted by a real browser. We also now support CAPTCHA verification on the forms.

Share Submissions:
You can now make your form submissions public and even integrate it into your web site easily. You can share your submission in your site using a Web Grid, DHTML Calendar, Microsoft Excel or RSS.

SSL Forms:
Protect your form submissions with 256 bit High-Grade SSL encryption.

PDF Forms:
JotForm can turn your form into a PDF file. You can now use JotForm to create your paper forms.

Power Tools:
JotForm introduces new form fields to make your forms cooler. Such as StarRating, FormCollapse, AutoComplete, BirthDatePicker, HTML and Image includes.

Source Code Options:
It is now easier to include your forms in your site. JotForm now gives you three options to integrate your form into your site:

  • Embed Form into Your Site
  • Copy Full Source Code of your Form
  • Download the Source

Invite Users by E-mail
You can also share your forms by E-mail. This option is especially useful if you do not have a web site. You can create a form and ask your users to complete them.

Premium Support
JotForm Premium users will now receive private email support from developers of JotForm.

Check out JotForm 2.0 documentation for further information.

36 Responses to “JotForm 2.0 Released!”

  1. Sergio says:

    Very cool, here is another good example of what is web 2.0 and what we can do with it

  2. steve says:

    This is an great product and I hope many of your existing users do upgrade to premium as you deserve it for the work put in

  3. robert says:

    I love jotform since i first found it.

    As a personal blogger, i may say, you really solve many person’s problem with a simple way.

    wish jotform grow bigger and better… good luck to you and your partner….

  4. Rupesh says:

    loved the new look and powerful features. I am using it to send SMS on my mobile. Check out:-

  5. jack says:

    Great app but one question.

    How do I delete entries in my input table?

    Seems the only way is to delete the form and start over? thx

  6. Aytekin says:

    Do you mean how to delete the submission data? You can do it from Reports section. You will see a cross X on each row. You can click on that to delete that submission.

  7. Terri says:

    Hey I tried to have the payment tools thingy but it just shows up blank and then says run wizard and when I run it SQUAT! What am I supposed to do?

  8. Aytekin says:

    Terri, that should be opening up a wizard window as shown on the screenshot tour above. Can you let us know what type of browser and you are using it and its version? Currently JotForm only supports IE and Firefox. Thanks.

  9. bill says:

    How do I secure my form ?

  10. Aytekin says:

    Bill: On the Form Editor or on My Forms, click on “Share”. You will see a “Copy Your Permalink: ” link. Click on the lock icon there to get the secure form URL. Or you can simply change “http://” to “https://” on your form URL to make it secure.

  11. bill says:


    of course….

  12. linhtinh says:

    i am still a newbie in html but just manage to launch our brand new Ads online website for the community last week ,thanks to Jotform , we now have used over 40 forms in our site and they are so easy to create , unlike other web form hostings , their forms are very complicated , nesting round and round, and they don’t deliver their promise ( you don’t get this and that because of fine prints every where).

    Well , all the best to Jotform , we have placed a link to Jotform in our website to support it.

  13. Thank you very much for your application! After searching on the web for a form wizard, I was getting discouraged that all of your competitors are offering the same service for well over $300. Some were $250/month!!

    Once I found JotForm, I had no hesitation paying the $9/month. Way worth it!

    The way I found JotForm was searching for “Free Web Survey Form Wizard” and I came across your Adwords link. Since the majority of your competitors are exorbitantly priced, I think you might be able to get better conversion on the above keywords (except for the “free” part) by stating right in your ad that your service is only $9/month. Maybe try split testing the two ads and see how they convert. Most services offer a free “demo”, it’s hard to find their actual price, and their actual price is ridiculously high. Click, I’ve lost interest and I exit the site. Since your price is so low, I say just state it up front and if your prospects even check out one other service, you will quickly become their first choice.

    Hopefully it works out for you! If you try it, let me know how it turns out! :)


    Connor Ferster

  14. Aytekin says:

    Hi Connor,
    Thank you for the nice words and the suggestions for the adwords. I will certainly give it a try. :)

  15. kadrikiler says:

    hi very thanks

  16. Lola K says:

    JotForm is so great, and nice looking which is a deciding factor on the liking-level. Want to say Thank you for sharing it!

  17. jssilver says:

    This was the most amazing site. I was able to build my form easily and quickly. Thank you for including the form wizard.

  18. I am using it to get SMS on my mobile. Previously, It was sending message as text (check out the image given at the link). but now, the new jotform sends the message as html which is blank. Only “&nbsb” is received as SMS.

    I suggest it should let us to receive the message as plain text (that too the specific field entries only) not in form of “question-answer” html format?
    Also, it should send the message to multiple emails at a time.

  19. one more thing.., When I inserted Statcounter code in my form to get visitor details, on loading the form displays a message “code is corrupted.. reinstall….”

    Can you please checkout these issues and give some solution?

  20. Aytekin says:


    Please post the support questions/problems on the JotForm support forum. That would be more appropriate for this. Thanks.

    1. You can receive plain text emails. Just go to “Account” page and disable the HTML emails.

    2. You should probably copy both your form and the Statcounter code into your site. This way, you would have more control over it.

  21. @Aytekin,
    Thanks for the help. I am just wondering how I missed that option.
    Moreover, it is sending mail to multiple email addresses (comma separated email addresses in settings).

  22. Aytekin says:

    We added that option couple of weeks ago, so you might have missed it if you haven’t looked at it recently.

    Yes, it can send email to multiple addresses. If you separate the addresses with commas it will send them in a single email. Or you can use semi colons to have it send the emails separately.

  23. Matt M says:

    This is truly one of the neatest tools I have seen in years — honestly! Incredible interface and ease of use, hats off to you.

  24. Jonathan says:

    Dear Sir

    My users report they get this error

    HTTP 405 Method Not Allowed

    They then return and submit a form again and again!

    It happens when they are re-directed to a thankyou page.

    This error (HTTP 405 Method Not Allowed) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the website, but the site has a programming error.

    My form is on

    The thankyou.html page is at

    However the form doesn’t redirect to the thankyou page.

    Any help would be appreciated and thank YOU for the service!


  25. Aytekin says:

    Jonathan, please post your questions on the support forum. I took a look at your form and you enabled the “Send post data” option which means the user submission details were being posted into your Thank You page. But since your server does not allow HTTP POSTs on the html pages, it was not working. I disabled this feature for you on your form.

  26. Wow! and I will say one more word. PERFECT!
    Very very nice work…

    P.S. Hocam nasilsin? Uzun zaman oldu gorusemedik. Bayagidir takip ediyorum interlogy’i.

  27. servet ümmetoğlu says:

    Yaptığınız uygulamalar sayesinde bende dahil birçok kişiye saatler kazandırıyorsunuz.Başarılarınız devamını dilerim ve yaptığınız bu çalışma için teşekkür ederim…

  28. Hi, I found your website today and within 30 mins I had a form up and working on my web site. It is easy to use and a great product. I cannot write HTML language but have been able to prioduce a decent working web site using your form generator with another web site generating tool. Thanks again

  29. Ajaxpert says:

    really very cool. I am very interested in this kind of applications.
    Here is good tutorial for AJAX and CSS Tutorial

  30. Donald says:

    Experienced a few error messges, especially when trying to add my url (thank you) for the submission. IT seems that how ever I try, it does not work. ALso, the pages seem to be very slow loading. I upgraded to the premium services and still experience this problem.

    Other then that, the forms are easy to create!

  31. I just wanted to express my admiration for the product you are offering here. I will definitely be using your services for all future web projects, in fact it will be something I will offer to all new clients. I will also be signing up for the monthly subscription HOWEVER, I was wondering, could you charge an annual fee so that people who do not wish to pay per month can pay per year?

  32. Aytekin says:

    Yes, we do have annual subscription option:


  33. Brian says:

    Does the current form builder allow for variable numbers to adjust the total at the end? For instance, if I have registrants signing up for a conference and there is an option to order 0-30 shirts at $5.00/shirt, is there a way for this form builder to total the amount, regardless of how many shirts each registrant may order, so that the paypal button will bill that totaled amount? Thank you!


  34. Aytekin says:

    Brian, unfortunately no, currently JotForm does not have a quantity option for payments.

  35. taswa says:

    hi how can i delete the user entries from the form??????

  36. Al Elliott says:

    Wow! This is fantastic! Thank you so, so much!

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