Introducing Full Membership Site Solution

We have introduced a new product called “Full Membership Site Solution” last month and I am quite impressed with the amount of interest it received. We develop membership software that power thousands of web sites. So, we have been regularly receiving requests from our clients to not only provide the software but also to develop whole site for them.

Although we had a process in place for these requests and a portfolio of previous works, interestingly I never thought of turning this into a product. Until the redesign we did on the Profile Manager Premium pages last month. Because of the amount of information we added over the years, PM Premium page had became a mess. Too much information mostly on a single page has made it confusing and scary. With the new redesign and new sub-navigation we added, our sales improved, our users are now less confused and happier.

I think every site should be redesigned every year or so, since a redesign gives us an opportunity to get rid of things that do not work and come up with new ideas hiding somewhere on our subconscious. Full Membership Site Solution was one of those ideas and I am glad it came out from the hole it was hiding.

Eating our own Dog Food

Developing full membership sites for our clients has been a blessing for us. Although we receive a lot of feedback from our users, using our own tools on various kinds of complete projects has given us the kind of perspective we cannot get anywhere else.

We currently have two different membership software products. Profile Manager Premium has been around for a very long time and Memberkit has not been released to public yet but is on closed beta on some sites. Both products have been improved because of the full membership site solution.

It has been especially great for Memberkit since we were able to found and fix many shortcomings and bugs. There was no way we would have discovered them with regular software and user interface tests.

Another area we are improving is membership site design. Working with many clients to create very different membership and profile sites is a great experience. In every new project, we learn more and more about membership site design patterns and I am pretty sure this knowledge will have many positive effects on our products.

Our Experience

I regularly receive emails like “I purchased your product in 2001, how can I download the latest version”. So, we have quite an experience working with social and membership sites.

Although each site is different, there are many common patterns that apply to these sites. Knowing them makes it possible for us to create better solutions for our clients.

Our Talent

One of the main reasons that make Full Membership Site Solution is such a great deal is the talented designer and developers we have in-house. Our web design ninja, Erkin, is very passionate about his work and always creates top-notch work. He has designed both our current Interlogy site and JotForm. He has experience in Web, graphics and User Interface design.

What does it include?

1. Collecting requirements and creating a requirements document for the site.
2. Complete web and graphics design including a logo.
3. Custom membership area including features such as subscription payments and custom profiles.
4. 1-Year Hosting.
5. 3-month free support including free bug fixes and minor changes.

How does it work?

To create a site according to our client’s needs, we first need to understand them. So, our first task will be to collect requirements. We create this document using Google Docs. It allows multiple people to edit the same latest version of the document without worrying about emailing attachments and keeping track of changes.

Once we have a document, our designer starts working on the design mocks for the site. This usually takes about 2 weeks. We then send the design mocks to our clients and ask for feedback. Sometimes we have more than one sample for the design or the logo, so that the client can choose one of them.

After the design mocks are approved, our developers start working on the site and complete it in two weeks. We then create a demo site and send the details to our client for testing. If everything is working, as it should, we then launch the site.

Anybody who is in the software business knows that bugs and problems are always expected and part of the process. So, we provide 3-month free support and fix all bugs at no additional cost to the client.

We are very excited about our new solution and hope to work with many more clients and create great membership sites. Contact us today if you have questions, or purchase Full Membership Site Solution here.

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  1. Charles says:

    Good Day,
    I am in need of your services and advice. I am a webdesigner that has a client interested in developing a membership site.

    I have never built a membership site before.
    I want to know if your software can do this (I can take care of the graphics and intro). I just need to know if the software has the features offered on the above membership site.

    I also would like to know how much you would charge to do this. Depending on the price I can either outsource the site or pay you a premium to teach me how to do this.

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