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Podcasts are great to listen whether you are lying on the beach or stuck on the rush hour traffic. This episode of BizTech Podcast features JotForm. Check it out. BizTech Podcast is bi-weekly show designed to inform the small business and small business owner about targeted web sites and other technology.

We were also featured on the EdTech Weekly previously. EdTech is a pretty popular podcast for educators.

4 Responses to “JotForm on BizTech Podcast”

  1. Zan says:


    I´me premmium user (pay for using Jotform), and I´m having problems, beacuse I can´t see the records introduced by my clients, during last months.

    Please, any help?
    Thanks in advance,


  2. Aytekin says:

    Zanorte, let me know your username and I will look into it. Please use the contact form below:

  3. augustine says:

    i will pay you if you help me build a social network web site and will send the money through western money transfer
    please reply at *removed*

  4. Aytekin says:

    augustine: We accept credit card, wire transfer and Paypal only. You can find more details on the order page:

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