DropBox is the Coolest Tool of the Year

We have just started using DropBox here at Interlogy offices and we are really excited about it. The Mac application works like a charm but they also support Windows and Linux versions.

Basically you have Dropbox folder on your computer and whatever you put there, it also shows up on other users you are sharing the folder with. It is fast and easy to use. We will probably start using it instead of email attachments. Since you can also send comments using the tool.

Dropdox was released to public yesterday and you can read more about it on their blog.

Couple of ideas how DropBox can be used:

  • Create a photo album folder and share it with all of your family. Anybody can add new photos and they will instantly show on all computers.
  • I don’t know if this is possible but you should be able to connect your dropbox to your web site. So, you will have no need for FTP. You can simply make changes on your site on your computer and the changes would be done instantly. It would be easier than FTP and SVN. We probably won’t be switching to such setup from our current SVN based deployment system but I think this would be ideal for small sites with multiple non-programmers making updates.
  • Use it instead of email attachments.
  • Update: Manage your passwords securely on all of your computers.

A job well done Dropbox Team!

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