Nice JotForm Tutorial Video

Keane Angle made a nice video tutorial about JotForm. We liked it so much that we are planning to add it to our Tutorials page.

Keane writes a blog called Appify which in his words “sifts through the crap to bring you the crunchiest reviews of productivity, trendiness and efficiency in Web 2.0 apps and sites”.

He also has a review of JotForm.

User registration was relatively quick and simple. And within a few clicks I had a form completed that I wanted to use. To be honest, the longest part of creating this form was figuring out what I wanted to call each field.

Thanks Keane.

8 Responses to “Nice JotForm Tutorial Video”

  1. Keane Angle says:

    Hey! Glad you enjoyed the video and review.

  2. imene says:

    moi c imene voila mon blog bonne visite

  3. Sonya Coggins says:

    Hello! I hope I have reached the correct page to ask a question. Is there away to modify/delete the “jotform” advertisement on the THANK YOU, YOUR SUBMISSION HAS BEEN RECEIVED page, once the submission has been made? I’d like to just add my info if possible.

  4. Aytekin says:

    Sonya: You can change it by creating a page on your site and adding the URL of this new page to your form Properties as your “Thank You URL”.

  5. cj says:

    ok.. i tried to use to help forum but it requires that i enter my user name and password but it does not recognize it so i am asking for your help here..
    i cant empty my download space and my forms keep erroring..??
    it looks like this problem has been happening for people for years and has not been resolved..
    i must say that if i was paying for this service i would be very anoid!
    Please reset my download space!

  6. Aytekin says:

    Hi cj,
    I have reset your download space.

  7. Becky Edwards says:

    How do I change the name of a form I created?

    I created a form and could not figure out how to change the name. I made a clone of the form thinking that I could change the name then, but I still could not figure this out.

  8. Aytekin says:

    Hi Becky,
    There are two ways to change a form title:
    1. Click on the title on the form builder. It will become editable and you can change it right there and click save.
    2. You can also change it from “Form Properties”. Click Properties icon on the form builder and you will see the form properties on the right side.

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