I am MS Office free. Long Live Google Docs!

Today, I was surprised to discover that I already have 74 Google Docs documents and pretty much stopped using Microsoft Office for the last year. It certainly did not happen intentionally. I think I’ve first started using Google Docs in 2006. I have been using more and more Google Docs since then. Today I have no need for Microsoft Office and I am surprisingly pretty happy about it.

Even though I am not a big Microsoft fan, I always thought Microsoft did an excellent job on Microsoft Office. Both Word and Excel are excellent piece of software. I always enjoyed using them. Before switching to Mac OS X, I used Linux on my desktop for years and it was a big pain to live without MS Office. I have never found anything that was so close to replacing it. OpenOffice has always been so far behind and getting worse.

However, the reality is now different. We now have a life without MS Office and it is much better. Here are some of the reasons why Google Docs is superior:

Same Documents Everywhere
You can view and edit the same document from anywhere with Google Docs. I start writing a document from office, save it and continue on it from home. I do not have two copies. I do not need to email them to myself. I do not need to worry about updating an old version of the file. I just open the document and that’s the only copy.

Sharing is Easy
I don’t know how we lived without it but sharing documents is one of the greatest things about Google Docs. We use it to keep track of features, bugs, time, budget and projects. We also use it to communicate with our clients. We use it to collect requirements and create specs. Sharing is big.

Launching Docs is Actually Faster
Since I am already using Gmail. My Docs are one click away and they open instantly. As oppose to Microsoft Word’s 10 second launch, it is much faster. If you are using Safari, I would recommend SafariStand add-on. You can make Safari open new windows in new tabs. That’s actually a big helper with Google Docs, since it likes to open everything on new windows.

Nice and Clean
As oppose to MS Words to huge toolbars, Google Docs applications have simple one line bars. They are simple and clean. They include everything you need. It has less features compare to MS Word, but I cannot remember a case where I looked for a feature that was available on MS Office and not available on Google Docs.

In summary, Google Docs pretty much beats MS Office as of 2008. As I have always been saying, Web Applications are the Future.

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  1. I also am a believer in Google Docs, howqever the form section on their dite is a little basic, though functional.

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