Memberkit 1.0 Beta: First Web Development Framework for Non-programmers

I am happy to announce that Memberkit 1.0 Beta is finally here!

Memberkit has probably been the biggest project we have ever completed for everyone in our team. We have been working on it for more than three years. Most people don’t know this but actually JotForm was a byproduct of Memberkit. We needed a really good form builder to make customizations easier and there came out JotForm. Today it is a very successful web service with over 100,000 users.

Memberkit has taken such a long time to complete because we really wanted to create something that is powerful but at the same time easy to use. Memberkit is on the low level a web development framework for non-programmers. Yes, you have read it correctly. It is a web framework. It is similar to web frameworks such as ruby on rails, but it does not require programming.

We are not advertising it in such a way though. Instead of attacking such a generic problem and creating something that might not be perfect for anybody, we have built something great for membership sites. We will not think about the future for the time being and just focus on making Memberkit a kickass product for social networking and subscription based sites.

Memberkit started small as an idea, grow into cool but unreachable spec, and after a very long and harsh development became an exciting product. We don’t know how successful it will be, but no matter what, we have created something we can be proud of rest of our lives.

So, what makes Memberkit such a killer application?

1. It is a web development framework for non-programmers

We think we have created an innovative solution for webmasters and web designers. Most people who create web sites are not programmers. If you are one of them, you have two options. You can either create simple static web sites or you can download and install web applications produced by commercial or open source programmers. Usually these applications are difficult to install and more importantly impossible to customize according to your needs. What if there was another option? What if you could write your own custom web applications without needing programmers or being a programmer? We think we have a product that makes this possible. Watch this video if you would like to see it with your eyes.

2. Growing number of social applications on the Memberkit App Gallery

One of the things we really wanted to make sure was to make it dead easy to share a web application you created and install an existing application from the App Gallery. They are both very easy now. You can share an application with a single click. You can also install an application with a single click.

3. Strong Subscriptions Features

We have worked with thousands of membership sites over the last decade. So, we are pretty familiar with their needs and changes happening in the industry. One of the most important reasons for the growth of the membership sites today is because people are increasingly getting used to paying for good content and features. You usually get what you pay for. So, Memberkit has built in recurring subscription payment features.

We are also strong believer of growing a product with user feedback. We would love to hear your questions and comments. Please take a look at our tour and demo. Feel free to explore Memberkit and let us know what you think.

16 Responses to “Memberkit 1.0 Beta: First Web Development Framework for Non-programmers”

  1. Lee says:

    Neat application creator!! Screencast movie was little too fast.

  2. Krzysztof says:

    Wery nice job

  3. HI,
    I think this sounds terrific for people like myself. I run an art based nonprofit agency and am thinking of setting up a paid membership section of my program in order to bring in some revenue for my agency so I can continue the portrait series of domestic violence survivors. I am not a programmer although I can design graphics, write html and css. Is there a chance I could talk to someone about using my organization as a beta test site for this membership program in return for marketing for your business on my website, solid feedback from me and, maybe some inkind monetary exchange, i.e. portrait or artwork? I have a solid plan for this membership area that I know is one of a kind and will reach a lot of people. I should be able to bring in enough revenue after the first year to pay for your program. Feel free to call me at 480-785-4995.


  4. Aytekin says:

    Hi Vickie, thanks for your comments. I will be sending an email to you.

  5. I think it will help to create web application. Any individual or thse who have no any programming knowledge can use this. Thanks for sharing this information.

  6. I had to add to this conversation because I just finished working with the staff of on my site and they are the BEST and the memberkit program is hands down the best I have ever seen or used. anyway I will be writing a testimonial in a couple of days so i do not want to rant on this here.

    If you are on the edge about to buy or not, trust me as an experience webmaster.

    DO IT!

  7. sandy says:

    give me my account of aq laughi angelica

  8. Carl Nisbet says:

    I just finished a data capture form (jotforms) I am still struggling with parts, the “Thank you” screen needs to close after a couple of seconds or it links to another part of the program. I’m sure it’s my fault but I can’t find it.

  9. Jevon says:

    I wanted to add a disclaimer or an agreement button at the end of my form how can i do that

  10. Aytekin says:

    Jevon, add a “Text” field and a “checkbox” field to your form, and use the text field to put your disclaimer and checkbox to make sure people agree. You should make the checkbox field required from properties box on the right side.

  11. I think this whole site is great, helps me massively with the template section in website that i use. Keep up the good work!

  12. DoktorThomas says:

    How come nobody heard about the beta version of membership kit?
    Where is that download link?
    Put me on the beta tester list, please.
    Is a new version planned?

  13. yup says:

    my account keeps saying the i im blocked for doing somthing bad i dont know wat it wont say every time i make an account that hapens can som 1 help

  14. Aytekin says:

    Your account has been suspended because phishing is not allowed on Jotform. Your form was being used to trick users to enter gaia account information.

  15. Pretty awesome with the membership site would work for a new project we have. Love the jotform for our site but was wondering how I would submit dynamic fields like what page the person is on or something like that if I have the %EXAMPLETAG% for it already.

    A note to others… make sure you copy your comment before submitting in case your captcha is wrong =X

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