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DogSearcher is one of coolest sites we have worked on. As a part of our Complete Membership Site Solution we provided design and development services. Dog Searcher is a community site for dog owners. Users can discuss various dog related topics on the forum, make posts on their blog, create profiles for their dogs and even sell their puppies to other dog lovers. This site is also very rich in content. There are many useful articles about taking care of dogs. They have even started using the new Memberkit Answers application to create a Q&A section on the site.

Andrew was kind enough to send us a testimonial about our service:

My name is Andrew and I am the owner of I have been working online for over 6 years now and have used many CMS type scripts before in the hopes that they can make my life easier in terms of publishing content to the web. over the past 6 years I have never stuck with one CMS (content management software) because one has never had everything I need and they are never flexible! I have tried other programs which cost a lot of money and are just junk!

Now that you have the background on me you can understand and believe me when I say that memberkit is hands down the best software for managing a website I have ever used. memberkit is so user friendly and makes complete sense, it does not leave you scratching your head or confused. Once the memberkit team had my site reading I was able to just jump right in and start editing things and tweaking things to my needs.

I would highly recommend that you purchase the total site package from them, in which they design your site from scratch including the template and logo etc. I chose this package and was blow away firstly by the design they built for me, and then later on by how easy it was to explain what I wanted. I basically never had to repeat myself or tell them twice what I wanted, they actually read and listened to what I said and delivered in a BIG way. if you go to you can see the incredible job this team did in creating my website and delivering on all the features I needed.

I could ramble on all day about how great this whole experience was from start to finish and how happy I am but you would get bored reading it. So let me just finish by saying this product and the team behind it are top notch and trust worthy people, so rest assured if you buy this product you will not be disappointed at all!

Andrew Mills

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