Memberkit Case Study:

Being a home seller in this economy must be pretty tough. There is help now! HomeSeller Software has just been released. Its goal is to provide home owners with all of the tools, knowledge and feedback necessary to succeed. Best of all, it is completely free.

One of the major features for this site was to create a Checklist management tool that makes it possible for professional real estate agents with detailed action plans for home owners. Then home owners can subscribe to these check lists and complete tasks according to a plan and get help from HomeSeller Software. Memberkit made it possible to create a robust checklist management tool using Application features.

The site has two membership types. You can become an Agent member or HomeSeller Members. Agent members also may have different professions, such as Attorney or Broker. Professionals and home seller can browse all user profiles and get together to discuss and get help on various issues. If you are a home seller or professional, sign up today! It is completely free!

It has been a lot of fun to work on this site, and the people behind this site are very professional and knowledgeable about the topic. Terry has been in the real estate business for 20 years. He has been very kind to send us a testimonial:

I have had a wonderful experience with Interlogy and would highly recommend their software products as well as their design and development services. They designed, developed and built a site for me from the ground-up using Memberkit. The site is called and while the site is still in development, I am really excited about the power and flexibility the software offers. Everything from their design team, to their customer service is top notch!

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  1. Jieranai says:

    My Profile Manager stopped WORKING after so many years !! GRRRRR!
    Well, Aytekin I told you several years ago that SOCIAL NETWORKING IS THE MUST HAVE FOR A WEB SITE!.
    I like to know more about this MEMBERKIT!

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