Best Way to Improve Upgrade Rates

How would one optimize upgrade rate on a web service? That’s a very important question if you have a Freemium web application. It can also be a very dangerous question. Reminds me of a story I read somewhere a long time ago.

There was a very successful chocolate company. They had an incredible product. It sold really well and tasted great. The product had a secret recipe and included twenty ingredients. One day they decided to improve their bottom line, so they removed one of the ingredients. They made sure that the change did not really affect the taste by asking people to test it before and after. It was a big success. Company saved millions by removing an ingredient.
Why stop there. They kept replacing expensive ingredients to save money and they were very careful about the testing. They had a good brand and as long as nobody know the difference why throw out money? The profits increased, everybody was happy. Well, except one day people stopped buying the product. What happened was that even though nobody know the difference after a small ingredient change, after so many changes the product did not taste well any more. The brand never recovered.

So, let’s go back to our original question. How do you optimize upgrade rates? The answer is very simple: Improve your product. Many choose a different path. They cripple features on their free version. They limit the users more and more. They force ads on the free version. That’s very short sighted. It could improve the profits but it also prevents users from getting to success with your product.

This is how we think and this is exactly why unlike all similar form builder services we do not cripple features, put ads or force our logo on forms on our JotForm service.

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  1. Alli says:

    I have been looking around for a place to create forms for our website and came upon yours. I am thrilled with the customization possibilities of your forms and the look that is created when complete. The only thing I would change would be the ability to have two columns if possible (first and last name right next to each other, etc.) just a way to compress the size of it if space becomes an issue for some.
    That’s a small issue and I thank you very much for a great service!

  2. Aytekin says:

    Hi Alli,
    We implemented that feature on the new version which will come out within a month.

    Thanks for using JotForm! :)

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