JotForm 3.0 Sneak Peaks: Introduction

As we are getting ready to release JotForm 3.0 on April 14th, we are getting tremendous amount of interest from our users. I would like to thank all JotForm users for being patient with us. During this time, I will be posting series of sneak peaks about the new version. My goal will be providing details about JotForm 3.0, screenshots and some more interesting details about us.


Some Basic Facts About JotForm 3.0

  • JotForm 3.0 is a complete rewrite of JotForm web form builder.
  • It has been under development for the last 1.5 years.
  • Codenamed internally as JotFormers: Optimus Prime.
  • tayfun

  • Spent over 3000 developer hours on the new form editor.
  • Developed mainly by 2 developers until the last couple of months and now ramped up to 4 developers.
  • seyhun and aytekin

    Improved Form Builder

    We have spent over 3000 developer hours to create the easiest form builder ever made. Our usability testing shows that the new improved version can even be used by people who have limited computer experience.

    We had a very hard problem: Make new version easy to use while adding new features and improving flexibility.

    First JotForm 3.0 Sighting!

    I’m very excited to share our hard work of labor for the first time! Here goes the first public screenshot of JotForm 3.0:


    Feature Sneak Peak: Form Label Alignment

    Now I would like to present one feature from the new version. Let’s say you are making a survey that has long questions. This can be a problem on the form layout. If you have a long question in your survey, then the question can become hard to read:


    Well, you can now use “Label Align” feature to align questions and answers!


    I will be posting more sneak peaks about the new features over the next two weeks. Stay tuned! :)

    Part 2: Form Builder

    Part 3: Emails

    Part 4: Survey Tools

    Part 5: Philosophy

    27 Responses to “JotForm 3.0 Sneak Peaks: Introduction”

    1. David says:

      I think this is awesome. The alignment feature is going to give the JotForms a much cleaner look. I am thankful for the improvements such as this one and I can’t wait to see more.

    2. Greg says:

      I think this is amazing. Congrats on the new stuff!

    3. Steven says:

      This is why I love JotForm. This will be the best Easter present ever! lol

    4. Vin Thomas says:

      I am very excited about these changes. We have started to use Gravity Forms instead of Jotform for the time being, but still have our premium membership. Waiting for 3.0 so we can jump back on the bandwagon.

    5. Love it! Jot form has been a life saver, thanks for all your hard work!!

    6. rashmi says:


    7. necati says:

      Keep on good work pals.. I’ll be watchin’ :)

    8. jos says:

      Good work, congratulations.
      I can not wait to work with 3.0
      It\’s look great

    9. Aytekin says:

      Thanks all for your nice comments. They made us happy. :)

    10. aminef says:

      very good exlent

    11. Robo says:

      Love the new look, Excellent work, can’t wait

    12. ilker yoldas says:

      Looking forward to April 6th. Glad to take part in the design process! =]

    13. Michael says:

      I really love the form builder. I started using another form builder which I loved. It was very easy to use. VERY. The only unfortunate thing for me is you can only build 3 forms. Their next paid for package works out to $120.00 a year.

      So I found this website and am very pleased. I look forward to your next build.
      Thank You,

    14. andriy says:

      LOVE IT! bring it on!

    15. Jeff E says:

      The screenshot looks awesome. As a web designer, I am looking forward to seeing version 3.0.

    16. Rajesh says:

      Jot Team,

      I think our future is in safe hands, thanks to all the effort to better an already very people friendly product.

      We @ TMI await the new launch. All the best.

    17. Damon says:

      Jotform rocks now, the new version will be fantastic!

      I can not do php, ASP and all that and need forms all the time.

      Jotform has saved me time and money!

      Keep up the good work!

    18. Barbara says:

      When do you think the version 3 will be out?
      Will you add the ability to add quantity to items for purchase?
      I like all the new changes so far.

    19. Aytekin says:

      Hi Barbara,

      The new version will be released on April 14th. We have had to change the release date couple of times in the past but I think this time we will get it. Of course, it is more important to release a stable version than to get the date right. We won’t release anything unless we are absolutely sure about it. Over 240,000 thousand users trust their data with us.

      Yes, quantity feature is available on the new version. You can also add your own custom properties to the payment forms such as size or color. I will cover these features on a sneak peak next week.

      Have a nice shiny happy spring weekend!

    20. Excellent Work!

      Jotform is really a very productive tool, highly efficient and very professionally developed.

      Deepak K Rana
      Amforma Ltd., London.

    21. Brandon says:

      I\’ve been using Jotform for about a year and a half and have enjoyed the service. This upgrade looks amazing and looks like it will add some things I\’ve been long looking for. Thanks so much for all the hard work guys!!!!! We appreciate it!!!!

      Brandon Patterson
      Founder of Design 1:26

    22. ITITech says:

      I like your forms. Looking forward to the new release.

    23. Jotform is really a highly efficient tool and very professional. It made my life so much easier. Thanks for all your hard work. I can not wait for the new version. How do I purchase the full version? Thanks guys!!! It’s great!!!

    24. Aytekin says:

      Hi Adine,
      > How do I purchase the full version?
      To upgrade your account, click on Premium link on navigation, then choose Paypal or Credit Card option.

    25. Brad says:

      Will there be more themes? I’d love to see a clean theme with rounded form fields, or form fields with controllable heights, etc.

    26. Matt says:

      Wow, I’m looking forward to it!

    27. mauricio says:

      i am having serious problems with one of my forms. i have sent a message in “contact us”. however, i did find any link pro support ticket or technical support. please, contact me as soon as possible. tks.

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