JotForm 3.0 Sneak Peaks: Survey Tools

Many people, including us, use JotForm to create surveys. But, we were lacking some serious features on that front. Our form builder was designed for short question forms and we did not have conditions and branching features. We also did not have many survey input types.


We are soon introducing many new features that makes JotForm one of the best web tools to create web based surveys.
1. Label Top Alignment option
2. Many new survey input types
3. Conditional fields and branching
4. New form share options
5. New form themes
6. New reporting and charting features

1. Label Top Alignment

Surveys usually require different kind of form layouts. They have long sentences as questions and then short answers. So, the default grid layout does not work well for surveys. We solved this problem by making it possible to show questions above answers using Label Top Alignment feature.

top aligned forms small

2. New Survey Input Types

JotForm always had many survey friendly form fields such as Checkbox, Radio Button, Star Rating, Page Break and Form Collapse. In addition to these fields, we are now introducing new survey input field types: Scale Rating, Grading, Slider, Range, Spinner and Matrix.

survey form fields small

3. Conditional Fields and Branching

New Conditional Logic feature makes it possible to show or hide questions, skip to a particular form page, send emails, change Thank You page or Thank You message. This has been one of the most asked feature requests.


4. New Form Sharing Options

Sticky Feedback buttons are all the rage these days. Well, JotForm 3.0 now supports them. You can easily include your surveys on your pages using new Light Box, Popup box and Feedback Button features.

feedback button small

5. New Form Themes

People love themes. It is a quick and easy way to make your forms look awesome. We have added many new themes on the new version and many more are also on the way.


6. New Reporting and Charting Features

JotForm Reports are one of the coolest features in version 3.0. You can now create professional looking live reports with awesome charts, then share it with others or just print.


I will cover them in more detail in another sneak peak next week.

We are very happy today because our designer, Erkin, have just had a very healthy baby boy. He works from his home in Kyrgyzstan. Congratulations Erkin! :)

20 Responses to “JotForm 3.0 Sneak Peaks: Survey Tools”

  1. Adulsu says:

    You all rock! Many of these changes makes me happier that I signed up! Can’t wait for the release keep up the great work!

    And congrats Erkin on the baby boy!

  2. Amar says:

    Looking great :-)

    Would be perfect with a feature that tells which page (url) the form was submitted from. Especially if using the new Light Box, Popup box and Feedback Button features.

    Otherwise, great new additions I think!

  3. Aytekin says:

    Hi Amar,
    Good idea! Added it to our feature request list. Thanks.

  4. Andrew says:

    Thank you for listening, being systematic and for all the hard work!

    Much appreciated. You certainly help accomplish some of my work.

    thanks again. -aa

  5. Rafael says:

    I logged into JotForm for the first time last night, love at first click…
    I posted a question, regarding questionnaire responses with numeric values(today), your survey tools are promising…
    I got another 4 months of neurosurgical training left, then i’ll go into private practice.
    Believe me, premium membership is just a matter of… not soon enough :)
    I’ll be bugging you ’bout site and information security, HIPAA compliance and all that…
    Awesome work!!!!

  6. Daryl says:

    I was using Xmailpro, but chose jot for for its sophisticated simplicity. Love the way you can add text to the form with out it having to be limited to a header of footer. The new survey looks very powerful. Cant wait!

  7. Casey Wise says:

    You guys kick ass. I used jotForm for the first time last night… I was done so quickly, I almost couldn’t appreciate all of your hard work. Now *THAT’S* how software should work. Good form, keep up the good work and I’ll keep blogging/tweeting about you!

  8. Graham Briar says:

    We’ve been using JotForms for just under a month. We looked at many form builder programs before deciding to use you guys and we’ve just upgraded to the Premium.

    It’s worth every cent! Just so easy to use and the reporting and other features are just fantastic.

    Can’t wait for the launch of the new version.

    Thanks for such a brilliant service – TOP DOG!!

  9. Mike says:

    Looking good.
    If you are putting all this effert into making a “Survey” looks like very little extra to add Quiz? option to add images to both would be realy good very few systems allow this only one I found cost hundreds

    Ps I am sure I have missed this but When are you looking at release?

  10. Aytekin says:

    Thanks Mike for your suggestions.

    The release is on April 14th.

  11. Emily Ennis says:

    Looking forward to the new features. I love new technology, as long as I am not the one responsible for it. I am a great user of tools!

    Thank you for doing what you do.

    Powder Springs, GA

  12. Dean Brady says:

    Any chance us premium members can get an earlier peek? :-)

  13. Paul Sanders says:

    Sorry if this is a dumb question. Will the survey tool be able to prevent the same person taking part in the survey several times?

  14. Aytekin says:

    Yes, the new version has a unique submission check which can be enabled from Form Properties.

  15. Tony says:

    I really need this feature, but not sure if Jostform has it in the new release. To be able to edit the Reports and add more columns for internal use that not shown on the form, and save the change. For instance, my employees input their request for Time clock change, and I need to be able to mark which request I have fixed, and leave some notes, in 1 or 2 different columns. Thanks.

  16. Aytekin says:

    Hi Tony,
    Yes, that’s possible on the new version. The new submissions page has an edit button that allows you to edit a submission.

  17. Victor says:

    I have the same problem as others with V3, submissions are not sending emails. I don’t even see them in JotForm. The only way I can see someone submitted something is because it takes them to complete payment.

  18. don rosas says:

    I have only been on your site 15 minutes and am impressed ready to sign up. Seems very easy, friendly responses & refreshing. I have a website (not yet live) that has an area where my clients will upload their images before checkout (we frame canvases with the pictures they submit). I believe I read that it\’s possible for people to submit their images but I wanted to find out what the max size is….?
    Can I change/upgrade if need be to allow for larger sizes?

    Thanks in advance for your response! D.
    (310) 34608080

  19. Aytekin says:

    Hi Don,

    You can change the max size from the toolbar:

    However, free accounts are limited to 10MBs upload space. You will need to upgrade to JotForm Premium to increase that to 1GBs.

  20. mido says:

    great work after the changes you made but do you think i can use for booking form or only for surveys

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