JotForm 3.0 Released!

JotForm 3.0 is now released! 🙂

With the new version we are releasing a separate product blog within the JotForm site so I will be posting JotForm related topics there from now on.

13 Responses to “JotForm 3.0 Released!”

  1. Jos Carremans says:

    Please, let me now when the Dutch version is all ready.
    It is important for me to work with the new version
    with the new possibilities.

    Great job, congratulations

  2. Aytekin says:

    Dutch version is already available. At the bottom of the site, select Dutch from the language dropdown.

  3. Jos Carremans says:

    Hi Aytekin,
    thanks, but I see no Dutch.
    Can I send you a screendump, so you see it

  4. sebastien says:

    hello, i’m french and i’m a fan of jotform. since there is the release 3.0, the page Thanks you doesn’t function the message is : JotForm is under maintenance for providing better service. Please bear with us. since 5 days….

    thanks in advance


  5. berton says:

    I didn’t receve an answer. When the page thank you will be available please, beacause the redirection to my thank you ‘s page doesn’t functions…

    thnaks in advance

  6. Aytekin says:

    That problem with the French JotForm should be fixed about the same time you posted the comment. Please let me know if you still have any problems.

  7. Sultan says:

    Hello i have been having problems accessing the JOTFORM website from yesterday please inform if there is a problem.

  8. Aytekin says:

    No, JotForm did not have any downtime recently. Do you still have this problem? It could be a DNS problem specific to your network or computer. What do you get when you do a nslookup from your computer?

  9. Scott says:

    Thanks for your hard work. It is definitely appreciated.

  10. Nicia says:

    I’ve tried several times emailing but when I try to lo in it says I’ve done a form violation ans won’t let me lo gin. Not sure why when all I did was made a simple contact form. Please let me know why this is and how I can get this taken care of so I can use your form?


  11. gregdinn says:

    My forms are’nt working today, but were before. After searching the internet, I found that I am not the only one having the problem today. Is the forms server down?

  12. Rita Goulart says:

    I can’t access jotform for a couple of days now and also from my website. When will the problem be fixed?

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